Thursday, February 3, 2011

Homesexuality in Mormonism Explained

Some people might consider homosexuals or lesbians to be discriminated against in the Mormon Church. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and frustration for gay individuals where the opportunities for life fulfilment are not on par with the heterosexual Mormon community. I will explain where the Mormon Church provides outlets for those that identify as gay.

Acting on homosexual urges in the Mormon Church is a sin. This is further complicated where sexual activity is only permissible between married partners as homosexuals are not allowed to marry each other. Whilst the church has gradually become more sensitive to the political issues surrounding gay and lesbian, there will appear to be a gaping hole in the lives of many. The light at the end of the tunnel becomes visible when the church continues to receive revelation until such a time that homosexuals are granted comparable privileges in the Mormon Church. Until then; one needs to leverage existing programs designed to help those struggling.

Why would the Church receive revelation to compliment political values? History has proven that the prophet, seer and revelator of the day has received and enacted the politically correct concerns of God. This is why the following eternal principles were removed from the Gospel.

  • Blood Atonement
  • Polygamy
  • Negroes (re: priesthood)

One can gain comfort knowing that the social trend for gays is gaining continual community support and additional rights (if you are one comforted by such things). Gays are much more accepted now than they were 200 years ago. If a gay person told their Bishop that they’re attracted to the same sex, he will advise them to fast, pray and read the scriptures. The same scenario 200 years ago would have resulted in excommunication or perhaps involuntary blood atonement as gay gender preferences where considered a mental illness by the American Psychological Association up until 1975. The disparity between these cases underscores a trend of sympathy and understanding that correlates to the social acceptance of that time. Will the Mormon Church ever afford gays all the same ordinances, priesthood offices and blessings as those that aren’t? Only time will tell.

As Christian denominations gradually embrace gays bit by bit due to mounting political pressure to ensure gays are treating equally, there will be incredible pressure for the Mormon Church to receive the revelation that allows them follow suit. I expect this to be accelerated greatly if it becomes conclusively proven that the gay gene exists (which many people currently believe). The Mormon Church was the last Christian denomination to provide Negroes with complete access to its faculties so this will likely be the same for homosexual acceptance. This process will be expedited when religions no longer possess the luxury to discriminate based on sexual preference. Illegal activity and government threats are often catalysts for Mormon revelation.

But what about now? Gays have rights to gain in the future, but how is the Church helping them now? For the male homosexuals, God has given them priesthood classes. Have you ever wondered why teenage heterosexual guys love Sunday School but hate priesthood classes? The Sunday School classes are mixed with both guys and girls, but priesthood classes contain only males. This is because priesthood class is to benefit gay guys. Ever wonder why the priesthood firesides or lessons are always the same thing? Boring, unprepared, repetitive and you never learn anything new? It’s because the lesson taught is not the point. It’s a front to fill a need in the Mormon community for gay men. Why are Mormon men expected to wear their Sunday best to classes? This is a function of respect. As God is aware of the plight of his homosexual membership, he provides this blessing to compensate them for the struggles they face. Did you ever wonder why the people are not perfect but the church is? God anticipates the needs of all, and the sausage fest in priesthood class is His gift to you.

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