Thursday, January 27, 2011

Priesthood Flow Explained

Some might content that the contradiction of revelation from Mormon prophets might suggest that one of them is apostate, which could lead to a disruption in priesthood authority from prophet to prophet. I could perhaps humour the idea for a second, that if someone like Brigham Young really was teaching false doctrine regarding Adam God theory, then it puts the priesthood flow of authority in disrepute. I mean, how can Brigham Young’s successors claim that Brigham Young was a false prophet when it would only sever their own claim to priesthood authority? The answer of course is that one must look at the bigger picture.

The solution to this is what I like to refer to as “priesthood jumping”. Priesthood jumping is what occurs when the prophet of the day says fun stuff to entertain the saints but is actually deemed to be false doctrine by a future prophet. If the revelations of the previous prophet have been converted to opinion by the opinion of the current prophet (which then gets escalated to revelation) then the fun prophet becomes a bouncing agent for his priesthood authority so it can reach his successor. This is how the authority can bounce from multiple false prophets until it eventually reaches one whose teachings are in harmony with God.

This can reflect and inflect though. What this means is that whilst the current prophet might claim that prophet number two, three and four are false, the future prophet might differ in opinion and declare two, three and four true prophets, and all the ones in between false. This activates the opinion-revelation conversion reversal process so that the previous prophet’s opinion-revelation conversion can be undone as per revelation from God.

The following diagram illustrates this concept

The Priesthood is the authority from God to act in his name. I testify to you that the current prophet has the right to reverse any revelation given by a previous prophet, and a future prophet can reverse that prophet’s reversal. If there be any doubt in your mind concerning this concept, I invite you to pray about it until you get a “yes” answer. If you don't get a "yes" answer, then please see my flowchart on the prayer cycle in the “Mormon/LDS Revelation Explained” article.

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